It’s worth mentioning here that while tom and dan are dedicated to the fitness industry, they also fully subscribe to the scientific method in their thinking. Meaning that their rational for development and claims of efficacy, are both logical, and are scientifically verifiable. That said, can there be any doubt that their  heuristic response in manifesting these technologies, is clearly evidenced by today’s epidemic of spine related dysfunctions and “exercise” related orthopedic injuries. If we’re truly going to be living longer and healthier lives. they would maintain that these evolutionary advances in fitness are indeed necessary. That in point of fact, it’s time for the fitness industry to open up to change that makes sense, and to help culturally evolve the public zeitgeist – even if it is an inconvenient truth to some.

Step 1


Cortho-X developed the BACK REFORMER over a period of several years, to empower individuals to self promote a healthy spine. This inclusion into the fitness domain is a significant development, because of the primacy of the health of our bodies spinal architecture. This is something that should be done daily, and how you can expect to begin your journey at Cortho-X.

Step 2


Cortho-X's strength training equipment is also the result of over a decade of developmental process. It too represents a quantum leap forward in how we're now able to more effectively strengthen the human body. Primarily, because it is 100% more effective in optimizing core strength, while being 100% sustainable at any age.

Step 3


Clearly movement is central to life itself. Within that context, we maintain that this is best facilitated functionally, with an expansive bias, and only utilizing gravity and your body. Much the same way that you naturally taught yourself to move as a child.

So what Cortho-X has done here, is to have introduced the next logical progression in modern day fitness. Further, that for all the right reasons, it represents today’s best modeling – because these three steps represent the simplest and most effective approach to sustainably optimizing human function. Interestingly, the process is simple – but what is perhaps less so, is our willingness as human beings is to open up to new ideas that make more sense – and leaving behind those that are no longer serving us in our respective journeys..    Cortho-X wishes you all the best in yours!

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