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Horizontal Is The New Functional !

Discover Why Cortho-X’s Patented Technologies Are The Safest and Most Effective Methods for Optimizing Your Human Function, and Sustaining the Best Version of Yourself, for as Long as Humanly Possible!

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Mobilize Your Spine

Our Patented Spine Roller

For the first time - You can empower yourself to optimize your spine health. It's the most primary aspect of your physical health, and should be passively mobilized daily.


Get Stronger Horizontally

Our Patented Strengthening

Cortho-X's patented resistance training equipment safely secures you in the most effective adaptive envrionment possible. This allows you to optimally strengthen your core, without the malignant compressive loading associated with tradtional methods of exercise.


Expansive Movement

Our Movement Philosophy

Once you've effectively mobilized your spine, and strengthened horizontally - We'll have you engage in our innovative unloaded expansive functional movement. Much like you did when you were a child.

Yes, It's That Simple!

This Really Is A Revolution in Fitness

Discover For Yourself - What Hundreds Of Others Are Already Taking Advantage Of...

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Barrows Doctors Reviews

“I was referred by a friend to Cortho-X about 2-years ago when pain from a shoulder injury was interfering with my everyday activities and sleep. After a few visits my shoulder began to improve, and the pain was soon resolved. During my visits I became intrigued by their back and core strength program. The Cortho-X program is unique, and I was soon hooked. At 61 years of age my posture was deteriorating and episodes of lower back pain were becoming increasingly common. The Cortho-X program simultaneously combines core strength, with back – and upper extremity exercises for a whole body workout. The result of which markedly improved my posture, strength, and endurance. Now I walk like I’m 20 years younger, and my lower back pain is a thing of the past. I highly recommend the Cortho-X team.“
Dr. Joseph Zabramski
Neurosurgeon Barrow Brain and Spine
“I have suffered with degenerative disk disease for over 30 years, and Cortho-X’s Corthogonal Training has eliminated my pain – and dramatically improved the quality of my life”
Dr. Raj Singh
Medical Director of BNA's NeuroSpine and Rehab Clinics
“I have been participating in neurosurgery at the Barrow Neurologic Institute in Phoenix, Arizona for 38 years. I have extensive experience in the conservative an operative treatment of lumbar and cervical spine problems. I also have developed personal cervical and lumbar issues that have responded nicely to the Cortho-X program. The benefits of the program include strengthening of the spine, restoring alignment and sagittal balance – as well as increasing flexibility, range of motion, resolution of pain, and overall improvement in function. The training has a potential of avoiding the need for spinal fusions and other operative procedures. I highly recommend this program to patients who are willing to make the effort required to participate in their own recovery. I highly recommend Tom and Dan Drath of Cortho-X.”
Dr. William White
Neurosurgeon Barrow Brain and Spine

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