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Yoga Studio in Phoenix

From challenge comes change. Yoga classes with Cortho-X offer core strengthening, flexibility, and conscious awareness as you practice proper alignments that connect breath to movement. Yoga is a form of functional strength training and helps us to build enough strength for our day to day activities, while providing the balance and awareness to manage life’s daily stresses.

Yoga Studio

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Yoga Studio

Cortho-X recognizes the value of cross-training in multiple disciplines. Come join one of our yoga classes in our new state –of- the -art facility located in Phoenix, AZ. Our classes are taught by certified yoga teachers and are designed to cultivate greater core stability and functional movement throughout the body. Today’s sedentary lifestyle contributes to compensatory movement patterns that add tension and traps pain within the body. Most often we are unaware of how much our body has compensated until we experience stress or injury.


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The practice of yoga allows us to connect more with our body and feel the subtle signals of those areas where we are weak, lack flexibility, or have lost range of motion. Improved awareness allows us to re-align, re-build, and stretch back into balance. Instead of isolating specific muscles, the practice of yoga involves the alignment of various muscle groups throughout the body, to act as stabilizers, strengthening core stability, range of motion, and flexibility across all muscles groups, joints, and spine. There are a variety of ways strength can be built through yoga and it’s good to use a mix of techniques for balance and harmony. That’s why at Cortho-X we offer a variety of yoga styles and classes that are available from beginners to advance. Come see what makes our Yoga studio one of a kind in Phoenix. 

Yoga Studio
Yoga Studio


Benefits of Yoga Include:

  • Builds muscle strength
  • Improves your flexibility
  • Releases tension in your limbs
  • Supports your connective tissue
  • Perfects your posture
  • Builds awareness for transformation

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Movement Studio - featuring expansive movement exploration, ballet and yoga classes...


Group Training - Private also available


Mens and Womens locker rooms / showers


Exclusive area to mobilize tissue and stretch


Exclusive Area and Personal Instruction for Beginners

Yoga Studio

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