Corthogonal Myodapting

Cortho-X's innovation to Progressive Resistance

Corthogonal Myodapting is the language Cortho-X uses to describe their innovative approach to progressive resistance. Within that context, they have further developed three essential workouts, to ensure that you achieve the simplest and most effective results possible. Provided you become proficient with their three primary workouts, you’ll have the physical ability to be successful at what ever you’d like to do…

Vertical Training

An Entirely New Method For Cardiovascular Conditioning 


The Cortho-X VO2, is a five circuit metabolic conditioning workout. It also has the additional benefit of having a rotary stability component as well. 

1st Face Down (Push  / Pull)

Face Up (Push  / Pull)

Left Cross Load (Push  / Pull)

Right Side Cross (Push  / Pull)

2nd Face Down (Push  / Pull)


Try Our Patent Pending Modalities


The Cortho-X strength workout, designed to optimize all of the fundamental strength required for daily activities, as well as every level of athletic performance. 


The Cortho-X functional workout is custom nine station circuit style training program. It is designed to target each of the bodies sub-systems, as well as the cross sectional anatomical sequencing that is so crucial to human function. 


The Cortho-X VO2 is their custom designed 5 station custom designed workout, and is ideal for optimizing cardiovascular function as well as facilitating rotary core stability. 

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