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Cortho-X has been successfully assisting people of every age range and fitness level for over 20 years – Here’s is what a few of them have to say about their innovative approach to optimizing human function, while minimizing wear and tear on the body…

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“I have suffered with degenerative disk disease for over 30 years, and Cortho-X’s Corthogonal Training has eliminated my pain – and dramatically improved the quality of my life”

Dr. Raj Singh

Medical Director of BNA's NeuroSpine and Rehab Clinics

“I was referred by a friend to Cortho-X about 2-years ago when pain from a shoulder injury was interfering with my everyday activities and sleep. After a few visits my shoulder began to improve, and the pain was soon resolved. During my visits I became intrigued by their back and core strength program. The Cortho-X program is unique, and I was soon hooked. At 61 years of age my posture was deteriorating and episodes of lower back pain were becoming increasingly common. The Cortho-X program simultaneously combines core strength, with back – and upper extremity exercises for a whole body workout. The result of which markedly improved my posture, strength, and endurance. Now I walk like I’m 20 years younger, and my lower back pain is a thing of the past. I highly recommend the Cortho-X team.“

Dr. Joseph Zabramski

Neurosurgeon Barrow Neurological and Spine

“I’ve been experiencing back issues since the mid-90’s, and have tried virtually every modality available to get better. Because I was unable to attain an adequate result, I was even considering surgery. Then I began working with Corthogonal Training, and was able to completely resolve my back pain. I’m now able to play basketball again. In fact, if I had this opportunity when I was playing, I would have been able to extend my career.”

Bertrand Brisbane

Professional Baskeball Player, South America and Europe

“I had one extruded disc and two that showed sign of degeneration. I was suffering excruciating pain. I had recently had 11 spinal injections that were marginally effective but not what I considered to be a fix. Conventional options of spinal injections and surgery for the pain relief just didn’t seem like a long-term remedy. A friend recommended Cortho-X. It was a life-changing decision for me. I went from hardly being able to walk to feeling better and more stable than when I was 25. I’m 69 now.

Tom and Dan have created a kind of exercise and the machines required to perform those exercises, that are unique in the world. I’m not exaggerating. I’ve been in gyms since I was 15. The program is amazing. The effectiveness of the program, both short term and long term is unmatched and nothing, nothing, develops your core like this does so as to prevent future injury to your back. You’ll be amazed!

If you thought you were out of options; if you are living with back pain; if you are going from one bout of back pain or sciatica to the next, then this is what you’ve been looking for. I believe this program will revolution exercise in general and make practitioners essentially impervious to back injury. You’ll come in for your back and leave with a much improved overall physical health.

Tom and Dan are gracious, highly knowledgeable trainers. They get to know each client and their requirements for healing. You can (in fact you should) start while still in recovery. You can do the exercises without risk of further injury. This makes recovery both faster and permanent. The exercises are as strenuous as you want to make them. I can’t recommend this highly enough.”


Charlie Whittenton

Business Manager - Climatec Energy

“I have been participating in neurosurgery at the Barrow Neurologic Institute in Phoenix, Arizona for 38 years. I have extensive experience in the conservative an operative treatment of lumbar and cervical spine problems. I also have developed personal cervical and lumbar issues that have responded nicely to the Cortho-X program. The benefits of the program include strengthening of the spine, restoring alignment and sagittal balance – as well as increasing flexibility, range of motion, resolution of pain, and overall improvement in function. The training has a potential of avoiding the need for spinal fusions and other operative procedures. I highly recommend this program to patients who are willing to make the effort required to participate in their own recovery. I highly recommend Tom and Dan Drath of Cortho-X.”

Dr. William White

Neurosurgeon Barrow Neurological and Spine

“I felt like I tried everything to help my back pain. PT, Chiropractors, muscle relaxers, more PT, massage, injections, seven more months of PT… Nothing helped until I found Cortho-X. When I met Tom and Dan I was weak, pudgy, and totally frustrated and hopeless. I was hooked the first day. I could immediately see how this new way to exercise would finally help me improve my back pain and make my body strong and healthy. My back pain is nearly non-existent now, and as a bonus I have lost 25 pounds and gained a much more shapely body. I’m so enthusiastic about Cortho-X, I’ve brought in my co-workers and I tell anyone who I can get to stand still long enough to listen all about how wonderful it is. I just can’t recommended it enough!”

Carla Bowers

Police Dispatcher

“There is no doubt that Corthogonal training has significantly improved my quality of life. I came to Cortho-X with severe chronic back pain I suffered from a badly miss-aligned spine, spondylolisthesis, and within 6 months, my core strength, my conditioning, and my back had greatly improved. I am 58 and literally feel stronger and more flexible than at any point in my life, enabling me to live life to the fullest. I wish this training was available when I was younger and playing sports, but it is allowing me to enjoy my backpacking trips and training for triathlons. Tom and Dan Drath are true professionals who not only are passionate about the system they have created, but genuinely care about setting individuals on the path to proper training and nutrition and living a healthy life pain free.”

Dale Marr

CEO at Concord General Contracting, Inc.

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