Our First Principles Theory

Axiom 1 for Progressive Resistance


This is designed to provide the reader with our basic philosophy, with respect to progressively resisting the human body. We would suggest that this methodology simply makes more sense, and is the appropriate heuristic response to the observable evidence available today. 

A Horizontal Approach is Better

Our First Principles Theory to Optimizing Human Function

Cortho-X’s first principles theory of physical intervention designed to optimize human function, requires the skillful integration of gravity and external loading, relative to the body’s orientation and type of movement. Meaning that our bodies relationship to gravity and its activity, dictate whether, and how to potentially load it with progressive resistance. Simply stated, our biomechanical relationship to gravity is determined within a spectrum of 180 degrees. For example, our bodies should remain unloaded when moving freely throughout any combination of being vertical, horizontal, or inverted. The only exceptions here, are when your hanging either vertically or inverted. Those are decompressive opportunities that can be further enhanced with appropriate external loading. However as a rule, external loading should only be done while our bodies are in a relatively horizontal orientation. In fact, Cortho-X would contraindicate progressively resisting the body when its orientation is anywhere above 15 degrees of horizontal. Employing this crucial gravitationally sensitive strategy mandates optimal human proximal to distal sequencing and maximizes biomechanical longevity, by minimizing the accelerated wear and tear associated with unnecessary repetitive compressive loading. 


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