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Condition your body and begin to feel graceful inside and out with ballet-inspired dance classes, that offer a holistic and innovative approach to classical ballet training. Our specially designed ballet classes are focused on functional movement, core support, and strength training combined into a fun and challenging dance workout.



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Traditionally, ballet is known for its elegantly choreographed movement sequences focused on proper posture and use of legs and feet. Ballet-inspired dance classes at Cortho-X feature creative movement and flexibility exercises that place a greater emphasis on sculpting the body and improving alignment, making these classes an ideal complement to the Cortho-X training system.


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We offer a wide-variety of ballet-inspired classes that are open to all ages and levels. There is no need to have any previous dance or ballet training in order to be able to join.



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Come sign-up for one of our ballet-inspired classes today! Our holistic ballet classes take an innovative and expanded approach to ballet training. The movements combine the fundamentals of classical ballet training with the modern principles of core activation, alignment, and balance. Our ballet- inspired exercises are presented in a comprehensive, practical, and user-friendly way. All classes are conducted in one of our studios in our new state-of –the-art- fitness facility.

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