The Brothers Drath

This is intended to provide the reader with a basic over view of the brothers dan and tom. They’ve shared a special bond for as long as they can remember, and have dedicated the last 10 years to making their innovative technologies available to the public

Longevity / Simplicity / Efficiency


dan and tom began there Cortho-X journey, about twenty years ago. They’ve always been athletically inclined, had an innate passion for health and fitness, and desire to make a difference helping people. These qualities provided the impetus, to learn everything they could about functional anatomy and biomechanics. Their studies also included carefully assimilating the output of many of the worlds most renown experts on functional training. Their empirical evidence resulting from the clinical application of everything that they had learned, produced an unexpected result. That was, that “exercise” as its currently being practiced, needed revisioning. They were convinced that there had to be a better way… Today’s Biggest Physical Challenges


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Cortho-X / Redefining Fitness…

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Movement Studio - featuring expansive movement exploration, ballet and yoga classes...


Group and Private Training Available


Mens and Womens Locker Rooms / Showers


Exclusive Area to Mobilize Tissue and Stretch


Exclusive Area and Personal Instruction for Beginners

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